Credit Score: What It Is and How It Works

You may have heard around: “my score is low and I can’t get a card” (see more in our full guide on how to get out of red), or “how do I increase my score”. These are very common consumer questions. In this post, you learn what this score is and how to perform the credit query.

Come on! To get a credit card, loan, financing, etc. Financial institutions of a credit analysis, and the score is one of the most important resources that are evaluated.

So what is the credit score? This tool measures “how much institutions should trust you”. That is, they need to make sure that they will honor their financial commitments.

Do you have a low score?

credit score

It may be linked to your financial history. If your name is negated or has delayed accounts, this can bring down your score. Still in this post, we prepared a graph that explains the average generated by the score.

If you are looking for a card with immediate approval, for example, your score may not be verified. This is because these cards usually do not undergo analysis or require proof of income. However, its resources are more limited.

You get a grade or score, which can range from 0 to 1000, and indicate within a group of people who behave similarly to you, how likely you are to pay your bills on time. See how it is classified:

How is the score generated?

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It is made up of a number of factors, but it practically analyzes your career as a consumer. This includes timely payment of bills, negative debt history, financial relationships with companies and updated registration data on credit protection websites such as SCPC, SPC and Ferasa.

How to increase my score?

good credit score?

Doubt champion! Having approved credit is anyone’s dream and for that you need to increase your score. To achieve a high score you must follow some recommendations:

  1. Negotiating Debts: It is important that the person has the backlog in their name, so negotiating is the right way to get rid of the dirty name;
  2. Updated date: Always try to update your date at financial institutions and credit protection websites, show that you exist!
  3. Pay bills on time: your track record is worth a lot! Make it clear that you are or will become a good payer.

How to consult my score?

Let’s hint? If you were curious to know your score, you can do the Free Consultation on the Foreloan website, you can do the credit analysis without leaving home! Just fill in the registration and check.


Here on the blog, we constantly warn our users about conscious credit card use. Many messages come from users who have lent their card to others and have been denied.

So when thinking about lending your credit card, be aware of who you give your card to. Once debts are made, the responsibility lies with the holder. And overdue bills, as we know, make your name dirty.

We also remember that score is not a unique tool used by card companies. Companies may or may not use this information. Credit approval depends only on them.

But stay tuned, if you plan to apply for a good credit card, a clean name and good reputation with businesses is critical. Even if it’s not a dirty name, following the tips in this post is always good.

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