What is the best credit for opening my business?

For those of you who are looking to make money on their own, and wonder “what is the best credit to start my business?”, We will try to help you in this beginning.

Some people end up lost at this time and don’t know which way to go. Credit card and loan are options for the self employed. But, you need to understand each other’s differences to get your business off to a good start.

Before you talk about the means of credit, check out how to stay legal and work on your situation before you start.


What do I need to be autonomous?


To ensure that, in addition to not throwing money away at the start of a new business, it is important for the self-employed to be aware of the benefits of regularizing the situation.


1. Register with your city hall

The first step of the self-employed is to look for the city hall where he lives. Check with your local tax office for the required documents and fees for the service. Some municipalities offer benefits to those who are self-employed, such as discounts on Services Tax (ISS) and other taxes. Legalization in the city hall is important for the worker to have the right to perform the function freely, otherwise the municipality may prevent activities.


2. Freelance can contribute to the INSS

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Those who work independently can contribute to the INSS. This ensures that just like any worker, enjoy benefits such as retirement, maternity pay, among others. To contribute, the self-employed must make a checkbook through the IRS website.

Payment should be 11% when it is over the current minimum wage and 20% when it is over a larger amount, limited to the ceiling – $ 5,645.80 in 2018. Because of a lower income, retirement for a self-employed person may be lower than expected. The solution for the self-employed is to contribute to a private pension.

This form of contribution, which anyone can make, ensures that an extra rent, which can be paid in one time or in installments in the future.


3. Income Tax Collection

Self-employed workers must also contribute to the Income Tax (IR) when gains reach the taxable amount. There are two ways to make the statement.

  • When the taxpayer receives from a corporation, the taxpayer must receive an income report and it is only for the taxpayer to report the income, name and CNPJ of the company, withholding income tax and INSS collected on the Taxable Income Received form.
  • When receiving from individuals, the employee must make the Taxable Income Received from Individuals / Foreigners form. In this case, the self-employed person is responsible for collecting monthly income tax through the Carnage-Lion program.


4. Cashbook

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The ledger is important for the self-employed worker. In addition to serving as a control for the business, where entries are recorded, it is also possible to deduct expenses and lower taxes or increase tax refunds.

All costs necessary to obtain and maintain the place that generates the self-employed worker income must be recorded. At:

  • Rent of office property, office, etc.
  • Water
  • Light
  • telephone
  • Workplace Enhancements
  • Speeches
  • Congresses
  • Seminars
  • Advertisements
  • Payments to third parties when revenue generation is essential.

In addition to this list, other activities providing income maintenance can also be deducted. Just save all the vouchers and inform the Revenue.

Now that you know the key cautions before starting your business, check out how to raise capital.


Credit to open my business: card or loan

Credit to open my business: card or loan

As a self-employed person cannot prove that he will have enough monthly income to repay the installments of a loan, the interest and hardship may be higher than normal. But, there are financial and traditional banks that release credit. To do this, simply take your bank statements. Take everything anyway!

Thus, you show that you are accountable and can afford a loan. Facilitating the acceptance of credit for self-employed.


And the credit card? Is this the best credit to open my business?

Certainly not! The credit card has a reduced limit, meaning you may not be able to get a margin so that, besides opening your business paying the necessary taxes, you can still rent a space, renovate or decorate. Another problem that should be taken into account when adopting the card as the best credit to open my business is the fact of late interest. If in case the customer fails to pay the invoice, interest ends up not compensating for a loan.

Still, the personal or payroll loan can be worth it and cover the opening expenses and other processes that can start the activities. The important thing is to search in various financial institutions, ensuring the lowest rates and the best conditions to open your business.


In conclusion, what is the best credit to open my business?

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Some people tell us that they need a credit card to open their own business. But, as you have seen, it may not be the best product for this purpose. That is, between the loan and the card, the most suitable is the first alternative. But it is not the only way to raise capital. See other situations when getting the best credit to open my business:

  • National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES);
  • Angel investor
  • Partner
  • Collective Financing

Small Business Specialist Sebrae explains each of these investments that you can access. Look here


Tips for managing your business

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In addition to knowing the best credit for starting my business, you also get tips from Loregon to keep your day to day work. Check-out:


First of all, make some planning

People who plan before starting a business are more likely to succeed at work. This involves studying your audience and region, estimating spending and possible profit. Developing a business plan can be difficult at first. The Sebrae also helps you in this! Here’s how to put your planning together and get the right services you can do.


See what it takes for you to work

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Are you going to sell snacks, serve your clients in an office or even a doctor and want to have an office? Include everything you need to work. This involves all utensils, products and other necessary expenses. When applying for a loan or any other form of credit for your equity, be sure to measure these expenses. For the purchase of some products, the credit card may even do. But if buying requires a larger investment, it may not pay off for you. Because in addition to shopping for business, it is important to remember those personal everyday.


Forget the shame

You who will become self-employed will have to get used to defaults or late payments. Unfortunately it is a routine for those who sell or provide services. If you are still ashamed to charge, you need to exercise this and have the initiative to claim expenses, whether for individuals or legal entities.

Keep in mind that you are not wrong and need to receive the money. Try to avoid the “excuses” to those who do not pay and cover without fear!


Get organized

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To keep your business health always better, try to keep everything organized. Do not leave for the other day, always try to organize at the end of the day what you received, spent, what you need to buy and the daily occurrences. Write it all down! Have control sheets, separate folders with name and date. Thus, it is easy to find something, understand an error or prove some data.


Social networks

Think about everything we talked about before, such as the question of what is the best credit for opening my business, planning, etc. They are necessary and paramount for you to work well. Once you’re all set up and ready to go, it’s time to think about what you can add. One of the most important tools today that will help your customers find you is social networking.

Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, all these are valid for you. Of course, given that your audience is on one of these networks. It is not worth spending time or money on something that will not give you feedback or audience. But a Facebook or WhatsApp helps you communicate with your customers, as you can offer phones, contacts, and location, and you can share some of your work. Unfortunately, social networks only get a good audience return, such as likes and sharing, when an ad is sponsored, meaning you pay an amount to get your content to reach more people.

But still, try to make your mark on the internet and when the customer searches, he will find your contacts and get an idea of ​​the service you provide.